Relaunching Relationally Roadmap
The start of the school year is coming and more than ever before is need than ever to put a focus on building and establishing relationships with your staff and students. But where do you start? What if your district is teaching virtually? We've put together a roadmap with the ideas already created for you. We've got the tool to help you create a school or classroom where staff and students want to be there, even if it's virtual!

Sign up for the course and receive an editable tool that will provide you activities to start two weeks prior to the start of the year and the first 8 weeks of school. Sign up below to access the course and Relaunch Tool!
What is included in the course
✔️ Practical Exercises for different relationship-building between staff, students, and families.

✔️ The full Roadmap Slides in PDF Format.

✔️ Slides with built-in relational tools to use with staff and students.

✔️Access to videos that guide you through the process.

✔️8 weeks of meaningful practices to keep a consistent focus on connection, empathy and community 
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