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Build Relationships with Your Staff Without Adding More to Your Plate.
Join hundreds of administrators from around the country who are focusing on building relationships with their staff by completing one intentional strategy a week.
Here's What You'll Get With this Tool:
Low Burden, High Impact Ideas

Administrators do not have extra time in their day to add new initiatives, yet their staff is their most valuable resource. These strategies are low burden in terms of time requirement, yet have high impact on their staff.
Intentional Strategies that will leave your staff feeling valued and noticed
These are framed as dares, they are simple, yet powerful ideas. Some are more creative than others, yet all are doable during the busy week. Your staff will feel like you are making an intentional effort to support them and truly value them. 
Leadership Focused

Often times administrators are so busy managing the day-to-day, they are unable to actually lead their staff. These tools will develop leadership skills.

"We LEAD People, we manage things." - Grace Hopper
If That Weren't Enough, Here Are Some More Reasons You Want This:
  • Creative Staff Meeting Ideas: There are fun and creative ways to honor educators at staff meetings that they'll love and it will save you time!
  • Brings Hope to Your Day: These strategies are guaranteed to make someone else's day and will in turn make your day as well.
  • Provide Insight: Some strategies provide practical ways to gather valuable insight on how your staff is doing and can be delivered in a low-threat method.
Hey, my name is John and I made this Tool because I believe we must empower school leaders like yourself with tools that allow you to intentionally connect relationally with your staff, students, and families so our students can be more successful. 
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